Catching Up

Wow. This weekend has been crazy busy! I have missed out on several linky parties, so I’m going to link up real quick with all of them.

First up, is Workshop Wednesday with Ideas By Jivey. Oops!


This week’s theme was Math Card Games. I found this idea somewhere online, but I cannot recall where. It’s for equivalent fractions. Students will flip over two cards and create a proper fraction. They will then race their partner to create all the equivalent fractions they can think of. My kids loved this game once they grasped the concept. Generating equivalent fractions is always a hard standard to understand. You can download the game sheet for free at my TPT by clicking on the image below! (sorry it’s so teeny)


Okay so on Friday my students got to celebrate bringing in the most Box Tops in March. We had a popcorn and movie celebration. I did throw in some learning. We watched a read-aloud of The Lorax and then watched the 1972 original film. I won a craftivity from Where the Wild Things Learn. It included a graphic organizer for comparing the book with the movie. My students completed that. We also created the craft. They LOVED it! Then, they were able to write haiku’s about the earth. We have been working on poetry so this was a great tie-in.


Friday evening, I was able to help out at church with Megan and Erin with the senior high girls. We partnered up with Sole Hope. This organization brings shoes to children in Uganda who would otherwise have infected feet. Our part was in cutting out the pieces of the shoes so that their shoe makers can sew the shoes together.


We had a great time and put together about 30 pairs of shoes. Our goal was 100, so we will probably have another party together sometime soon. This is an awesome organization that really has a heart for Ugandan children.

Saturday was the Middle School missions dinner and I was able to help with that by cooking dinner and helping them to raise money for their summer mission trip. This was a great opportunity to serve with Megan, Mark, and a few other young adults.  No pictures from that unfortunately, too busy!

Sundays mean a link-up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text Linky. This week the topic is Social Studies. A text I used this year was T is for Tarheel. This is part of a series that encompasses many different topics, however, this book is geared specifically to North Carolina. It goes through the alphabet and my students learn so much. I even learned many things I didn’t already know about my state. I love this book and my kids did too. We were also able to make a list of other items that began with that letter that related to North Carolina.

t tarheel

Okay, I believe this post is stinkin long enough! I hope everyone has a great week!! My week will be slam busy as I begin tutoring after school this week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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Oh wait!

Where the Wild Things Learn is having an AWESOME giveaway! You should definitely go check it out! She has tons of great prizes to celebrate reaching TWO HUNDRED followers! GO GO GO!


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Mentor Text Linky

I have a confession to make. I am insanely addicted to children’s books. I have over 1200 in my classroom library. Plus more in my mentor text bin. One of my goals for the summer is to better organize my mentor texts, but for now my cabinet is overflowing and disorganized. 


The wonderful ladies over at Collaboration Cuties are having a linky party about mentor texts. This week’s theme is Language Arts. My absolute favorite mentor text for Language Arts is…




This book follows a family as their children grow up and their tree Steve does as well. Steve holds laundry, creates leaf piles, places for young love to blossom, and shelter for the dog’s house. Make sure you have tissues handy, because the end of the book never fails to make me cry. 

I use this book to teach main idea. On anchor chart paper, I sketch a tree. On the trunk, the kiddos and I come up with the main idea of the story. On the branches we put the supporting details. Each leave contains an adjective that describes Steve, the tree. I got this idea originally from the fabulous Amy Lemons. This is her pin that inspired me, over a year ago. 



I complete this with the students and then have them complete their own main idea/detail activity later independently with another text. 

I cannot wait to see what other books are linked up, so I can add them to my shopping cart at Amazon! What are your favorite mentor texts?