Week in Review

This week was stressful, but seemed to fly by! Here’s what happened this week…



We started our poetry journals. I got this amazing idea from Lindsay Noren at My Life as a Third Grade Teacher. I took her basic idea and adapted it for my kiddos. I gave them each a copy of this Kenn Nesbitt poem of homework excuses. I started out by reading it aloud and we talked about it a bit. Then, I had them label the lines in the poetry and the stanzas. I also had them label the rhyming pattern and underline the rhyming words. After all that, they wrote two sentences about their feelings about the poem. They did not want to stop this activity. I cannot wait to continue this for the rest of the year and start this from the beginning next year! Does anyone else use poetry notebooks? Ideas?



We began our poetry unit this week. We worked on measuring around the room and then on Friday, we created Gallon Man! After a quick Pinterest search, I found an awesome, free download on TPT. This craftivity took forever but the kids really loved it and enjoyed creating their own gallon men. On Monday, we are going to write stories about our gallon men and measuring. 




On Wednesday at our grade level meeting, my fabulous teamie, Amber, made a delicious raspberry cheesecake for us. Oh goodness, it was amazing. 

Yesterday began great! Starbucks gave away free tall house blend coffee! Yay! 



Then, last night, I met up with the lovely ladies from my small group at church and had a ladies’ night. 



We had fabulous food, fun, and fellowship. I got to hang with the lovely Megan from The Remodeled Life and Erin from Life on South Mason. Wow, I have talented friends! 

This coming week will be stressful as well and end of year testing is looming ever closer! Have a fabulous weekend! 

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