Monday Made It

How much do I love that there is a link-up for almost every day of the week?? Today, I’m linking up with the talented Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics. I love reading 4th grade blogs. I mean, I love reading all blogs, but I especially like reading blogs of teachers that deal with the same nonsense I do. The same standards, the same hormones, etc. 

Anyways, back on track. (ADD much?) Linking up with Tara for the wonderful…

ImageI have a hodge-podge of randomocity for this week. First up, this month is one of my wonderful co-worker’s Birthday Month. That’s right, we celebrate right. For the entire month. To kick off her birthday, I surprised her with this treat to brighten up the first Monday back after Spring Break:

ImageI printed the tag from the wonderful ladies at eighteen25. All their free printables are awesome. In the mason jar are the FlavoRed Starburst JellyBeans. (She loves those)

Last night I was feeling super creative and whipped up some math centers to review fractions. They’re not cute. AT ALL. Oh well. The kids can still learn with them! I created a Write the Room activity using fraction word problems, fraction war to work on equivalent fractions, and a few other games that it seems like they enjoyed today. Here are some of my Write the Room cards fresh out of the laminator. Image


And here are a few pics of my kiddos enjoying the centers today. 




And I also just finished putting together a 4th Grade Fractions Assessment that covers 4.NF.1-4.NF.7 (I know you’re all jealous of my awesome life). No pic of that cause it would be super boring. 

Have a terrific Tuesday! 





2 thoughts on “Monday Made It

  1. Oh my goodness I want to work at your school! A whole birthday month! I don’t even get a birthday DAY because it’s always during the holidays!
    I’m glad I found your blog because there’s not as many 4th and 5th grade blogs! I teach Year Six in New Zealand which is equivalent to your fifth grade.
    I too made a fraction revision game for my kidlets- equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. Check it out if you want it 🙂 (It’s free)

    x Serena x

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