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Wow. This weekend has been crazy busy! I have missed out on several linky parties, so I’m going to link up real quick with all of them.

First up, is Workshop Wednesday with Ideas By Jivey. Oops!


This week’s theme was Math Card Games. I found this idea somewhere online, but I cannot recall where. It’s for equivalent fractions. Students will flip over two cards and create a proper fraction. They will then race their partner to create all the equivalent fractions they can think of. My kids loved this game once they grasped the concept. Generating equivalent fractions is always a hard standard to understand. You can download the game sheet for free at my TPT by clicking on the image below! (sorry it’s so teeny)


Okay so on Friday my students got to celebrate bringing in the most Box Tops in March. We had a popcorn and movie celebration. I did throw in some learning. We watched a read-aloud of The Lorax and then watched the 1972 original film. I won a craftivity from Where the Wild Things Learn. It included a graphic organizer for comparing the book with the movie. My students completed that. We also created the craft. They LOVED it! Then, they were able to write haiku’s about the earth. We have been working on poetry so this was a great tie-in.


Friday evening, I was able to help out at church with Megan and Erin with the senior high girls. We partnered up with Sole Hope. This organization brings shoes to children in Uganda who would otherwise have infected feet. Our part was in cutting out the pieces of the shoes so that their shoe makers can sew the shoes together.


We had a great time and put together about 30 pairs of shoes. Our goal was 100, so we will probably have another party together sometime soon. This is an awesome organization that really has a heart for Ugandan children.

Saturday was the Middle School missions dinner and I was able to help with that by cooking dinner and helping them to raise money for their summer mission trip. This was a great opportunity to serve with Megan, Mark, and a few other young adults.  No pictures from that unfortunately, too busy!

Sundays mean a link-up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text Linky. This week the topic is Social Studies. A text I used this year was T is for Tarheel. This is part of a series that encompasses many different topics, however, this book is geared specifically to North Carolina. It goes through the alphabet and my students learn so much. I even learned many things I didn’t already know about my state. I love this book and my kids did too. We were also able to make a list of other items that began with that letter that related to North Carolina.

t tarheel

Okay, I believe this post is stinkin long enough! I hope everyone has a great week!! My week will be slam busy as I begin tutoring after school this week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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Oh wait!

Where the Wild Things Learn is having an AWESOME giveaway! You should definitely go check it out! She has tons of great prizes to celebrate reaching TWO HUNDRED followers! GO GO GO!


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It’s Tuesday! 

I’m linking up again with Flying Into First (great name, huh?) for her Let’s Get Acquainted Linky!


The topic this week is 3 favorite places in our classrooms…

1. My kidney table!



I spend probably 70% of my day at this table. I teach reading groups here, meet with kids one-on-one, and meet with math groups here. I love my bucket seats that I created and my kids do too. 

2. My classroom library. I don’t have a current picture, but here’s just some of my books. 



3. My clip chart!



So, this week has been good and difficult. My math lessons have been going awesome. I planned well and am actually trying really hard to stick to my plans. Why waste my time writing them and not use them?!?! 

What have I tried recently? Blogging! I’ve been meaning to start a blog since I was student teaching, almost 2 years ago. OOPS. I would say that it’s going pretty well. Does anyone have any tips for me? I use WordPress, which many people do not. 



Linking up with Fourth Grade Flipper! Check out everyone’s things they’ve tried! 🙂 


Have a great week! Tomorrow is HUMP DAY!!! 


Mentor Text [Science]

I’m linking up again with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text Linky! This week’s topic is Science. I actually really like teaching Science, but I don’t have a lot of time during the day for it. 

A book I’ve used this year to teach about the Moon is One Giant Leap by Dana Meachen Rau. 

ImageThis book follows Tomas to the National Air and Space Museum with his friends. When he goes to look at the Apollo Lunar Module, he is transferred back in time to the 1960’s and he becomes Neil Armstrong. The book is incredibly informative regarding the first moon landing. From Amazon:

A child’s imaginary trip aboard the Apollo 11 and the infamous first walk on the moon in the shoes of famous astronaut Neil Armstrong gives listeners the chance to learn about this historic moment. Two boys and two girls are on a trip to the National Air and Space Museum when Tomas is transported back in time.


After reading this book, we continued to learn about the phases of the moon. We also were able to create the phases of the moon using Oreos! I found the idea from Pinterest. Click on the picture to take you to the original pin, where you can find a great printable! I had the kiddos use a popsicle stick to scrape the creme and form it. They loved this activity!




I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and has a great Monday!




Week in Review

This week was stressful, but seemed to fly by! Here’s what happened this week…



We started our poetry journals. I got this amazing idea from Lindsay Noren at My Life as a Third Grade Teacher. I took her basic idea and adapted it for my kiddos. I gave them each a copy of this Kenn Nesbitt poem of homework excuses. I started out by reading it aloud and we talked about it a bit. Then, I had them label the lines in the poetry and the stanzas. I also had them label the rhyming pattern and underline the rhyming words. After all that, they wrote two sentences about their feelings about the poem. They did not want to stop this activity. I cannot wait to continue this for the rest of the year and start this from the beginning next year! Does anyone else use poetry notebooks? Ideas?



We began our poetry unit this week. We worked on measuring around the room and then on Friday, we created Gallon Man! After a quick Pinterest search, I found an awesome, free download on TPT. This craftivity took forever but the kids really loved it and enjoyed creating their own gallon men. On Monday, we are going to write stories about our gallon men and measuring. 




On Wednesday at our grade level meeting, my fabulous teamie, Amber, made a delicious raspberry cheesecake for us. Oh goodness, it was amazing. 

Yesterday began great! Starbucks gave away free tall house blend coffee! Yay! 



Then, last night, I met up with the lovely ladies from my small group at church and had a ladies’ night. 



We had fabulous food, fun, and fellowship. I got to hang with the lovely Megan from The Remodeled Life and Erin from Life on South Mason. Wow, I have talented friends! 

This coming week will be stressful as well and end of year testing is looming ever closer! Have a fabulous weekend! 

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Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook

Sometimes it is really difficult for me to find great Common Core Aligned resources. BUT, this is one! 



Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook

From the common core standards website, “This Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook is the largest collection of resources for teaching the Common Core State Standards. This workbook includes over 850 pages of Worksheets, Activity Centers, and Posters that teach all the Fourth Grade English Language Arts Common Core Standards and all the Fourth Grade Mathematics Common Core Standards!”

I think this would be an AWESOME resource for any classroom teacher for fourth grade, but they also have every grade level. I love that it covers ELA and Math and that it has games that I know my kiddos would love. It’s difficult to find activities that all my students will like, but I know that this book has those resources! 

On their website, they are currently having a giveaway for this book, which is valued at $39, so go check it out! 

Fly on the Wall, Tried it Tuesday

Whew. Are you sure it’s only Tuesday? Today I’m doing a double link-up… I’m such a rebel!

Uhm. There is no typical day in my classroom, but here’s what we were up to today. There’s some pictures, but not many.

Every morning I leave for school between 6 and 6:10. Then I drive and drive and drive some more. It takes me between 35 and 45 minutes to get to school. Today I got there around 6:50. I clock in and then head to my room. Some mornings when I get to school I make copies, sometimes I chat, but today I was working on ELA lesson plans.

The bell rings at 7:50 and my kiddos start coming in. They make their lunch choice.

ImageThey take their popsicle stick and place it in the pink container that corresponds to their choice. I didn’t take this picture today but I just realized that those were the lunch choices today. Strange. Anywhoodles, after they do this they get started on morning work, which is a daily math quiz. When they finish this, they read quietly.

The bell rings at 8:15 and some of my kiddos head to ESL. I begin pulling reading groups and my other students get started on ELA centers. Today though I was still finishing reading benchmarks so I worked on those while my other kiddos read quietly.

At 8:45 I have more kids leave for ESL and others leave for reading tutoring. At 9:15, I usually have specials, but this week we have a crazy schedule so no testing. Today I put on a video about Rocks and they took notes. After that we did something I have never done before…READER’S THEATER!


I found a Reader’s Theater on rocks and projected it on the Smart Board. I color coded the parts and split my kiddos up into four groups. For it being the first time, they did a pretty good job.

After this, I actually had time for some writing. My kiddos are starting an opinion piece on whether or not illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States. This is a topic close to many of them so they have a lot to say.


After writing we head to lunch. I have to sit in the cafeteria with my kids, but not with them.

After lunch is a quick bathroom break and then math! At this time 6-8 of my kids go to a math tutor so I have a fairly small group. I started measurement today so I put up two anchor charts and had them write their thinking on them.

ImageHere they were telling me what they already knew about measurement. The other poster (not pictured) had what they could measure)



After this, I read aloud “Me and the Measure of Things”. I loved this book and so did my kiddos. It offers a great little intro to all things measurement.

Then, we got to do an activity by the fabulous Jivey! Measurement Word Sort!ImageThe picture links to her TPT store, where it is a free download! 🙂

Finally, after math is recess!


The weather was absolutely gorgeous!!!

After that we had more reading time. I let the kiddos get on Big Universe, which is awesome! Check it out. 🙂

Then, my kiddos leave at 3:15. Buh-bye. Today I had a meeting until 4 and then hung with the laminator with a while.


Then, I headed home! Yay!


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TOPIC – Skittles Game
Here is the code:
Red- Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
Orange- Favorite Memory from College
Yellow- Favorite Sports Team
Green- Favorite Fast Food Place
Purple- Wild Card(Tell anything about yourself)
Red: Strawberry!
Orange: Traveling to Branson, MO and spending the summer with some amazing people through CRU. I love these people and some of them remain some of my best friends.


stl St. Louis Cardinals!





I am seriously addicted to HGTV and can’t wait to have my own place to decorate/DIY!

Okay. This is too long. Have a great week!

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Math Mentor Text & Freebie!

When I interviewed with my principal, I was actually interviewing for a 3rd grade position. She gave me a list of 3rd grade math standards and gave me 30 minutes to write a lesson plan on one of the standards. I selected the Geometric Standard regarding perimeter. I knew that I wanted to include some sort of read-aloud because I love combining math and reading together. I went on Amazon and found the book “Spaghetti and Meatballs for All” by Marilyn Burns.

ImageThis book follows Mr. and Mrs. Comfort as they throw a dinner party for all their nearest and dearest. They rearrange the tables and chairs multiple times and at the end, begin where they started.

This year, in my fourth grade classroom, I decided to use this book to introduce area and perimeter to my kiddos. However, that is not all I did. After I read the book aloud, I gave my students hands-on materials to model the different table arrangements. I didn’t give them regular old math manipulatives though. I gave them… cheez-its! My kiddos are like may other children, they are incredibly motivated by snacks of any kind. We’ve used cereal for multiplication and division. We’ve used skittles for fractions. We’ve used Oreos for the phases of the moon.

This cheez-it activity has been the best activity I have done this year with food. I passed out cheez-its and then read through the book again. My students rearranged their cheez-its as the Comfort family did as well. When we finished this part, I passed out another sheet and had them work with a partner to complete the sheet. They recorded their findings on graph paper. I used this as a quick assessment.

I just uploaded this page to TPT, I’ll hope you’ll check it out and leave some feedback! It’s FREE! 🙂


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